John Edwards’ lovechild- who gives a flying fuck?!!

So on 20/20 tonight will be the big exclusive with John Edwards’ mistress… and why should I give a fuck about that?

Apparently that media bullfuck is more important than the unreliable promises Obama made, the epic fail job market, and booming stock market. Can you say “distraction”, boys n’ girls?

Being childfree pretty much means this shit will amount to a hill of beans for me- as in I don’t care. I hate kids, straight up. But the way motherfuckers are acting is like Edwards is the first politician to fuck around and knock up his mistress! As a non-bleeding heart educated capitalist liberal, I can definitely say Democrat or Republican, bible thumper or atheist, ugly or attractive, male or female, gay or straight, politicians will do whoever they want whenever they want because their power makes them God. THEY’RE ALL ON THE TAKE PEOPLE! How the fuck do you think we got in the mess in the first place?!

My half-assed blind governor Patterson has just announced more job cuts in New York (and I’m not surprised), healthcare reform is more or less DOA, Haiti still can’t get the basics, Wall Street is cleaning up big time, dark markets and derivatives are still the status quo, unemployment is at 11.2%, and Bernanke is once again Chairman of the Fed. But Edwards’ ho is big news because of their baby daughter Quinn who’ll be worth more money in 20 years than Bristol Palin’s bastard or retard baby bro.

Yes America, all is right with the world.


One thought on “John Edwards’ lovechild- who gives a flying fuck?!!

  1. I am so sick and tired of hearing pure mindless crap about U.S. politicians on the news. There are way more important issues to be addressed out there. What is it with yor nation when some fuckhead is getting more press than 200,000 + people being dead in Haiti.


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