Kids make you fat!

Now I said my piece on the HTLGN bit, and that’s over with. Now the next issue on weight gain is the connection with sprogs. Now you get knocked up, you get fat. Don’t care if you were skinny or fat (but being fat in the first place is a no-no as is) before, you pile on weight as your pregnancy progresses. But the real weight gain is after the kid is born.

Now I know you selfish bitch breeders will say, “I diet and exercise and have lost all my baby/babies weight. And look, I’m skinnier than ever!” Okay, you get that one. And here’s another, “You selfish, mean, jealous assholes are fat too!” Absolutely true. But if we committed ourselves to losing weight (which is hell on earth as is) who will have more success? Hands down, we will. Why? Let’s use logic. Now if a CF single or couple goes on a diet regimen, their stress levels to lose weight will be significantly lower because if we stay committed to keeping the bullfuck food out of the house with more success because we don’t have kids.

Kids eat like hippos, and it’s usually crap parents give into because they don’t want to hear screaming and don’t want to tire/stress themselves further with arguments. I’ve seen parents “clean up” their kids’ plates in restaurants and waste tons of cash because sprogs are fickle eaters and don’t finish/want anything. Parents stuff their faces because they “treat the kids” to some Dairy Queen. And instead of getting the sorbet/low-fat or fat free yogurt for themselves, what do they do? They get sundaes twice as big as their sprogs. Comfort food and stress eating ALONE is hell in a hand basket, add brats to that Molotov cocktail and it’s bye-bye to going to the pool with dignity for life.

Another reason to stay childfree.


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