Anti-abortionists on the rag…

Just saw the anti-abortion ad from the Super Bowl (congrats Saints). Not the first one I’ve seen, I mean these fundie, woman-hating nutbags will do anything. Here’s what insulted me, they get a pretty, middle-class white woman to proudly announce she got knocked up as a teen. Because teens have sex. That’s just reality. Human behavior trumps the bible, Torah, and Koran every day of the week- and twice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don’t believe me, look at third world countries.

And that’s what fucks me up about this. A white middle-class teen gets knocked up. And her parents with money are willing to put their anger aside and help her raise her son so she can complete her high school education and watch the kid while she gets a job to support it all the while living in a nice middle-class suburb. Tell me Jesus freak, right-wing assholes who aren’t willing to empty their pockets to every charity, education fund, and food pantry, you think that happens to the black and brown people living in ghettos where that’s the norm? Or how about the poor whites living in Appalachia, the Rust Belt, and depressed cities and near ghost towns where industry has left them for cheap labor in corrupt China and Mexico?

Support Planned Parenthood. Put away all abortion doctor murderers. Keep prayer (and the 10 Commandments) out of our public schools and court houses. Regulate the banks. Enforce estate tax. Tax the fuck out of anybody making more than $250k a year. Mega churches and cults make further moves on encroaching on people’s private lives any further and you will see me go for the guns you so worship. Keep your holy books, misogyny laws, and greedy right-wing hands OFF MY BODY! Or you will be looking down the barrel of a shotgun, because I will see my gynecologist in peace (and then I’ll firebomb your house of worship). And, no, it’s none of your business why I’m there.

Yet another reason to stay childfree.


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