I love Rosalie Cullen’s jewelry (BURNS UP IN SUNLIGHT)

I’m gonna say it: I fucking love Rosalie Cullen’s jewelry.

I should really say that I dig estate jewelry (preferably gold and silver with precious stones). The Cullen crest Rosalie sports in Twifuck is actually cool. It has a Gothic, turn of the century style on a sturdy silver (or pewter) chain. And most importantly- IT’S FUCKING HUGE! LIKE NEARLY 2 INCHES IN LENGTH! I know some sites make it, but I’m looking for a (more or less) exact replica WITH NO FUCKING QUOTE ON THE BACK! And the Cullen name better not be anywhere on the pendant!

Also, emitations has really pissed me the fuck off! Does anybody know the earrings Nikki Reed wore during the kitchen scene? The shit that emitations hawks is nowhere close to what they look like! So if anybody knows who designed them and where I could get them, drop a line. But just to let you know I still despise SMeyer.

Oh yeah, anybody remember that cool ’05 ABC sci-fi series Invasion starring Will Fichtner and Eddie Cibrian? Anyway, I thought the show was bangin’ (which is why I bought the DVD set) but I really liked the necklace Alexis  Dziena (Kira Underlay) wore! If anybody knows what I’m talking about, just leave a post ’cause I’m looking for it or something REALLY close.



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