Twatter. Tprinces has a point.

Tprinces has a point. All of my friends are on Twatter, Fuckbook, and/or My Shit. They break on me because I don’t. I don’t own a cell phone either, it’s fucking expensive, and unless it’s required for work I don’t really want to get one. Peter MacNichol’s character on Numb3rs referred to cell phones as “electronic leashes”. I agree. KCSCougar has some sweet animated shorts making fun of celebrity Tweets, my personal favorite is the Lady Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga one.

TYT reported that Kim Kardashian gets paid $50k per Tweet. That’s not only insane, but inappropriate and disgusting. She’s Kim Fucking Kardashian! Does she need any more money? I mean her dead father was a rep for O.J. Simpson! Her step-father is Olympic champion Bruce Jenner (did you know that he still gets royalties from his Wheaties boxes from over 30 years ago)! She does ads for the same burger chain Paris Hilton did! And now her fucking fiancee has just gotten a Super Bowl ring. Tell me, do you think this anorexic ho needs any more money?

So everybody on Twatter (including Michael Moore who I really respect), just to remind you, you’re not so fucking important that every second you need to report every insignificant thing that you do every day. And if you throw back in my face that I blog- fine. I don’t like it, it’s a cheap shot and you know it. BUT unlike Twatter, I get to rant and give my opinions on serious topics and stupid shit. On Twatter you have less than 200 characters to drop sound bites. Which seems more legit? Besides, if I ever get published and develop a following I’m going to have to do shit like this. Blogging/keeping a website is part of marketing, but my agent will more than likely tell me to reign in my opinions and watch my language.

Go fuck yourself. That’s what pseudonyms are for. Anyway, the worse you are, the more you sell. Just ask Howard Stern.

UPDATE (7/13/10): I hadn’t seen JIM’s You Tube page in a while. I think Foamy says it best:


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