Tiger Woods… need I say more?

Tiger Woods fucked 12 different chicks.

As I said with John Edwards, Kobe Bryant, Jim McGreevey, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer and the nine billion politicians, music idols, movie stars, and pro athletes of both sexes, gay, straight, bi, tranny…


I think golf is the most boring sport in the world personally. And it would have to be- it’s the rich motherfuckers sport! It doesn’t look that goddamn challenging! You don’t even have to be in shape! Same thing with curling. But is Tiger Fucking Woods so goddamn special that he needs to make a public fucking apology for fucking around on his wife?! So what he’s black and Thai! So what he began putting at 3! I actually find nothing out of the ordinary at what he did. Since when are rich and famous people faithful?


Well there was Michael Jackson… but he died a virgin who was afraid of his own body…

But regardless of that! Why do we care? Do you give a shit if Michael “I have a fucked up face but I sell sports cars and watches wearing my 14 Olympic gold medals” Phelps tokes some bud and fucks up a Bugatti? Oh that’s right, you do! And that’s what makes people fucking idiots!

With that said I’ll close out my rant with a cute little article in Newsweek about the culture of layoffs. Have you ever daydreamed about selling Sabretts shitting yourselves in a corporate suit as your CEOs talk about getting bonuses via mass firings?

Go for the gold USA Women’s hockey!


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