Repetition IS NOT good for the soul pt. I

I spent an hour sifting through the Twifuck .pdf files because of Smeyer’s love of word repetition! I was determined to see how uneducated that Mormon twit really is. Well I think I’ve covered them all and I’m going to list them for you here. I know I’m nuts, but I honestly believe this is a good teaching tool on how not to write a novel. Especially if you’re a no-talent hack. This is part one:


perfect – 32x/ hiss – 1x/ gorgeous – 4x/ breathtaking – 5x/ murmured – 43x/ perfection – 4x/ hissed – 9x/ murmur – 2x/ perfectly – 17x/ murmurs – 1x/ beautiful – 36x/ grace – 3x/ laugh – 24x/ wonderful – 1x/ golden – 17x/

beautifully – 1x/ graceful – 10x/ laughed – 68x/ gold – 16x/ gracefully – 5x/ amazing – 6x/ whisper – 13x/ Adonis – 2x/ chuckle – 6x/ godlike – 3x/ amazingly – 3x/ whispered – 61x / chuckled – 32x/ god – 2x

whispering – 2x/ whispers – 1x/ chagrined – 4x/ stun – 1x/ stunning – 2x/ stunned – 17x/ snarl – 5x/ snarled – 7x/ smirking – 1x/ smirked – 6x/ smirk – 5x/ flawlessly – 1x/ flawless – 5x

P.S. I just finished reading Prom Nights From Hell. Why did I do that?


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