Repetition IS NOT good for the soul pt. II and Meyer’s leverage

This next installment cover’s New Moan’s word repetition. And I will provide commentary on Smeyer’s leverage with her publishers and so-called “leaked” manuscripts.

New Moon

1)perfect – 35x/ 2)beautiful – 44x/ 3)murmured – 25x/ 4)hissed – 25x/ 5)hiss – 2x/ 6)breathtaking – 1x/ 7)gorgeous – 1x/ 8 )murmur – 2x/ 9)amazing – 8x/ 9)amazingly – 3x/ 10)golden – 8x/ 11)chuckled – 27x/ 12)chuckle – 2x

13)gold – 7x/ 14)god – 2x/ 15)laugh – 16x/ 16)laughed – 54x/ 17)beautifully – 1x/ 18)wonderful – 7x/ 19)perfectly – 11x/20)grace – 3x/ 21)graceful – 3x/ 22)gracefully – 3x/ 23)chagrin – 1x/ 24)chagrined – 1x/ 25)prop – 1x

26)stunned – 3x/ 27)stunning – 3x/ 28)whisper – 24x/ 29)whispered – 115x/ 30)whispering – 4x/ 31)laughs – 1x/ 32)snarl – 7x/ 32)snarled – 7x/ 33)smirk – 1x/ 34)smirking – 3x/ 35)smirked – 1x/ 36)snarling – 6x/ flawless – 3x

Now that was a CTS fest! I listed it more clearly, and as I typed I ticked each word off my notebook to make me less confused. As you’ve probably noted, Smeyer’ s favorite word is ‘whispered’- a whopping 115 times she uses it (in my previous post she uses it 61 times)! When I was a high school freshman my English teacher Ms. Warner provided me with good advice concerning repetitive words: “DON’T!” Like Smeyer I used ‘whispered’ continuously thinking it was a clever way to illustrate dramatic effect, until Ms. Warner read back a passage to me in whispers. Like the Miss Saigon song, a story is really a movie in your mind. And publishers demand that from their writers. If they can’t create mental cinema, they’re not worth a contract.

Of course Smeyer doesn’t have to think! It’s her fantasy that orbits around her desires, frustrations, ambitions, beliefs, etc. so the pacing is lightning quick. The tragedy is that it’s only fast in her mind, and those who are like-minded (emo teen fangirls and bored, unhappy women). And like her, devotees will also have complexes, be it superiority or inferiority complexes. Shmeiliarockie gave this a treatment in YAB: Bella Sue – Popularity. Now I did see Napoleon Dynamite, and I did hate it, but it made fun of Heder’s LDS background complete with the geek hero, awkward smart girl, token minority/sidekick, school bully/jock, and gorgeous diva (played by Hillary Duff’s sis). But if Smeyer’s high school in Arizona had a high population of LDS students I doubt they’d put up with her wannabe queen bee attitude. The photo I saw on her site of herself as a teen, I saw an average cute girl. Judging by her behavior I see a very passive-aggressive person who shies from people, however yearns for acceptance from only the very best. But now that she has a bit of financial and social power, she brandishes it like a scepter.

Which now brings me to her “leaked” manuscripts. JKR’s manuscripts were leaked and she still cleaned up like gangbusters. Now Smeyer being a slightly smart wannabe queen bee knowing that the $750k contract for 3 books that LBC gave her was up the minute Relapse hit store shelves. Both fucktards and antis argue that the series could’ve ended then. But being that this was her story she MUST have her happy ending well aware that more than likely there would be a backlash from fans endangering her new lavish Mormon Royalty lifestyle. So what does she do? She leaks her own manuscripts. That’s right, SMEYER leaked Relapse and Midnight Runs. Relapse would be the bargaining chip she’d threaten LBC with to extend her contract on the series and get more money for Breaking Brains. I mean what professional author tells her excitable young children what’s in her manuscripts? What professional author gives her unfinished manuscripts to others (and don’t even TRY to tell me her editors- the books AREN’T edited!)?

She threw a tantrum and sobbed online that she wouldn’t type another line, her feelings were hurt and she felt so misunderstood. Her army was at her bedside in no time. The reality over Breaking Brains is that she doesn’t really care what anybody says- love it or hate it- she treats her fans poorly. On the Twilight Sucks LJ I read that she just says “thank you” and “yes” whenever she signs an autograph and isn’t paying attention whenever a fan tries to engage her. She doesn’t respond because she owes her fans nothing, she- like Bella- relies on everybody and as long as they continue to worship her, that’s all she needs from them. The Midnight Runs cancellation was nothing but pure distraction, a way to garner sympathy and attention, like a child wailing from a scraped knee. A rehash would’ve really gone over badly, and maybe not sold as well- despite the hype.

Stay tuned for the next installment and I’ll also include an insight on a professional writer’s contract breakdown and what their finances are really like. (HINT: not like Smeyer’s, Jackie Collins’, Clive Cussler’s, Stephen King’s, Danielle Steele’s, Anne Rice’s, Dan Brown’s or Gregory Maguire’s)


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