My God! I know I’m a little late on this people, but this is some serious shit you’ve got to know especially if you’re an aspiring writer or a Harlequin fan.

As you know I’m against all vanity/print on demand publishing. Their unscrupulous devices rob aspiring writers of their dreams and savings have sunk to a new fucking low:  Harlequin is trying to profit on their ever-growing slush pile by selling off the writers to DellArte, a vanity press that is partners with AuthorHouse. And get this assfuckery, Whorelequin is acting with the full complicity of the Romance Writers of America!

According to Lee Goldberg the moment the RWA heard of this it took action by removing Whorelequin off their Approved Publishers list. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Horror Writers of America quickly followed suit. But the RWA did a despicable 180 and put it back on the list- fucking bastards! These people will do anything for a quick debt-paying buck! My guess is that Whorelequin got caught up in the economic atom bomb with sales plummeting (I mean who wants to read when they’ve lost their job) and trends that frankly suck, not to mention quality control that match the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant safety standards to make them pull this pile of steaming fail!

So if you’re a writer, Whorelequin fan, or just plain give a shit please bombard these motherfuckers with your emails, phone calls, texts- WHATEVER THE FUCK– and tell them to go fuck themselves until they keep their greasy mitts off the slush pile and send them back to the authors! What they’re doing is a crime, pure and simple! These bloodsuckers take advantage of greenhorns who are angry and depressed, hoping that they’re stupid enough NOT to do their homework on vanity publishing. (I think the PR bitch is the best person to curse out.) (doesn’t list a PR whore.)

Game over RWA and Whorelequin! YOU FAIL AT LIFE!


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