Just a casual gamer

So I just ordered my Wii Motion Plus, Naruto Shippuden: Clash of the Ninja Revolution III, and Naruto Shippuden: Legends – Akatsuki Rising PSP. Am I a Narufucktard? No, I’m a Naruto fan. I call Sasuke an emo bastard, but I don’t want to kill a person that doesn’t exist and I don’t break on his fans. I ship SakuLee and despise SakuSasu, but I won’t troll or put up videos that berate the fanbase (Nuttymadam3575, you listening you orca whale?).

But I will admit I am a Nintentard. I’m blindly devoted to the giver of life of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that I felt dirty when I bought my PSP (God of War pack no less). Look I admit the graphics on the PSP and PS3 are superior (depending on the game) and the motion control isn’t perfect (and I waited more than a year to buy a Wii Sports bundle which was $239 USD not a bad deal) but I like that players can get an “interactive feel” with the game. I suck ass at real bowling, but I kick ass at Wii bowling. I hate real golf, but I’m pretty good at Wii golf. I don’t know why that is, but I suppose it has to do with my hand-eye coordination and my brain response time. And I’m a casual gamer- at best (I’ve had to replace the batteries on my Wii remote because they drain even when not in use, as a result I get the cheap-ass ones).

But I’m coming to the conclusion that I will be probably getting a PS3 in the near future- I’m going to have to. Blu Ray discs are mainstreaming, and eventually SE DVDs for Blu Ray will have more shit than regular DVDs- and that pisses me the fuck off! But to be completely honest, I want to play NHL 10. Now the NHL series are available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, no I’m against buying the Xbox period because the processor is roughly an equivalent of a gaming PC. So fuck off Xbox. Unfortunately I played one of the NHL games in a store on the 360 (having NEVER played an Xbox before) and got a hang of the controls after a bit (not really) and I really liked the game.

It’s $56.99 USD but it’s gotten better reviews over the Wii NHL 2K10 ($36.99 USD also available on PS3 and Xbox 360) and the videos on You Tube have further convinced me to buy it. But no way in Satan’s red hell am I buying that Wii hockey stick! I thought the Wii fencing foil was fucked up looking! I stand corrected! Is there a need to buy that retarded extender crap?! You have better game play without it! I’m not sure if people realize that you don’t have to flail around like a motherfucking albatross on crystal meth when you’re playing on the Wii! If I ever used that shit it would hinder me, and I’d have a major freakout!

And I never freak out over a game. If I start to get upset, I know it’s time to turn the shit off. I can go 2 hours max, but the first time I really played on the GC I went for hours! And I had no idea. I played Kaye’s boyfriend’s Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 and got him a fuckload of points- that he was grateful for (she made sure of that). And I discovered that I can teach myself how to use a controller better than the fucking manual. Tutorials are cool (depending on the game) and I think I would have to really use it for NHL 10, but from what I hear it’s such a bitch to find in the menu which tries to emulate the ESPN graphics.

So I’ll conclude tonight’s rant with a few of my favorite freakouts starring Croyt, Wafflepwn’s brother with Africanoboi’s reaction, and the Xbox live gay fuck noob who screams like a little girl.


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