Twilight: The Manwha

Well if you remember a while back I said I was going to a review on it, and I’m making good on my promise. Twilight: The Manwha arrived at my doorstep over a week late (thanks to all the wonderful weather here on the East Coast) and I just finished reading it.

Oh boy.

First off I’d like to note a few things before the review:

1) Graphic novel adaptations are nothing new. When the anime craze reached its peak back in ’04 EVERY-FUCKING-BODY and their mama had to cash in on it (a CSI manga starring a teenage Japanese protagonist).

2) The evermo Smeyer probably drove Young Kim crazy. Thankfully Kim has probably never met Smeyer face to face and “collaborated” with her through e-mails, phone calls, and video conferencing. I mean Smeyer is a racist and I can’t help but think at how she would take to an Asian woman.

3) As with all adaptations changes have to be made. Twifuck is 544 pages, Twifuck: The Manwha is 224 pages, so condensations, omissions, and other bits n’ pieces will have vanished or morphed into something else.

4) This is PURE MILK! Smeyer loves tithing since she’s getting closer to her goddesshood in the celestial kingdom… but hardcover? Splitting the the first abomination into multiple parts (I’m praying just two)? And it’s obvious that the pretty cover expands into a big pretty picture when you align them.

5) Yen Press is a subsidiary of Little, Brown, & Co. and its most successful manwha title is Goong.

6) Yes, Eddiekins looks like Jasper. And yes, Smeyer is Bella- flip to the back cover and then look at the drawing.

And now the review!

Two stars out of five! Don’t be fooled, 0 stars for content (Mormonism on a stick!) and 4 stars for art. As an otaku I love to collect manga as well as their corresponding art books. I recently purchased Vampire Princess Miyu’s art book adding it to my Sailor Moon manga art books- all 4 are collectors items and aren’t in print any more. Young Kim is a wonderful artist, and I hope to see better work and not this drivel. What’s very painful about this adaptation is that Smeyer (or perhaps Kim) is attempting to quell or just plain silence the antis by “re-editing”. Bella’s interrogation from Edward that was originally in the Italian Port Angeles restaurant takes place in the school’s parking lot, and he asks more sensible questions of Bella instead of just “What’s your favorite gemstone?”- although that’s still there with a ridiculous topaz planted right between the panels!

Jacob Black is now being treated like the Amazon Rain Forest: slash and burn! Jake is no longer Bella’s childhood friend, but a casual acquaintance and a savage flirt. Like Eddiekins, he also wears a condescending grin all of the damn time. While Jake is an only child in the novel, it’s evident that Leah and Emily will take the parts of his “sisters” in an attempt to balance things between the sexes and give the Cullen coven a real familial counterpart with a skinwalker clan (they’re not werewolves goddamit! The Navajo has skinwalker mythos). I would also like to point out that like Nikki Reed, the manwha Rosalie isn’t devastatingly beautiful. If Kim wanted to really create the most beautiful vampire in the world (B.C. Bella-Smeyer) all she had to do was look at a few renai games! For example: Casual Romance Club, The Sagara Family, Secret Wives Club, and Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2.

All in all, unimpressive but I will keep it because of the artwork. And as soon as I get it together (yes Miss Defoe) I will be selling my hardcover boxset of the Twifuck series (which includes those dumbass lobby cards with the quotes in the original packet) as well as The Waste. I will let everyone know when I’m ready to palm them off and I won’t be charging you an arm and a leg. I’m not Smeyer, I don’t tithe, and I don’t stalk people.

But if you must ask what team I’m on, it’s Team Ilosovic Stayne! (But before AIW it was Team Logic.)


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