Tprinces, I’m worried about you

Just thought I’d say how worried I am about Tprinces. If you know who Ruthie is, I wish that you would show her this thread about American Book Publishing on Absolute Write’s forum: American Book Publisher – Writer Beware!

I know it’s old, but criminals usually don’t turn over a new leaf. Honey, you’re 18 (and a tad overconfident), and when I dropped you the line about self-publishing/vanity press/publishing on demand/online publishing/subsidy publishing I was greatly relieved that your mom is an attorney that’s looking over the contract to ensure you will retain your creative rights. But that isn’t a fail safe. Many smart, professional people have been duped because their belief in their dream can put up blinders. And that’s what self-publishers want.

They’re only after your mom’s hard-earned cash, and your dreams could get destroyed like a sandcastle in a tsunami. One day when you send your MS to legit houses, and mention your first novel was self-published by ABP in your cover letter, you won’t get a response let alone a rejection. I posted a response on a blog about the “successes” of self-publishing asking three (important) questions: 1) Define success. 2) What are the annual profits of this “publisher”? 3) And if I asked for a profit statement will you give it to me? Or do you run one of said self-publishers? The minute I mentioned Absolute Write he wrote this long diatribe insinuating I hadn’t read his post thoroughly and that I was running around in a tizzy over nothing.

Writer beware: self-publishing =/= respect.


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