An asshole’s castle is my torture chamber

Well I got my DSi today, and it’s pretty damn sweet! I took a bunch of photos in the asshole’s shitty basement as I did the laundry and I thought it might crack a wry smile or two.  I’m going to take some pics of the crap that happening in my room, and I’m sure it will make you fall down on the floor laughing!

Peace out!

DIY that you can't get right

Basement wonders

It won't go away

If Rembrandt had this space I'm sure he'd be doing houses.

BET has some serious competition

Can you say 53-year-old virgin?

The closest he got to actually fixing something

Krylon high gloss spray paint does it again!

If you pick up crap, be sure to use it.

"Your ugly old ass wants me, da?"

Shh! They're sleeping

Mesothelioma here we come!

Mourn the dead, not their incontinence

It still gets great reception!

Just look at it. 'Nuf said.

Run for the candy store grandma!

White trash decor


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