Countdown to debt freedom!

Well apparently we’re getting a clip of that $1.1 mil after all. But all’s not roses,$15k of it will be snipped to quiet one of Dad’s debt collectors. That doesn’t include mine yet. But it will when we get that $50k from Worker’s Comp freed up in court.

Mom will be forced to ask grandma to pay for the attorney in order for us to square it off with the banks (credit card companies don’t exist anymore) that the asshole didn’t think were so important. You would think a $100k debt would be kind of important. Especially when work isn’t high on your priority list. The idiot thought that the 12 credit cards he had (not all were used) he could pay off by not declaring bankruptcy, but making his conspiracy theory case in court. So when he would send payment the credit card companies felt it was nice to call our neighbors and grandma (that’s not legal anymore) just to tell him they never got any money. Translation: You gave us the bare minimum with no interest. That’s our bread and butter, y’know.

But on a positive note Mom only has to pay off the cards with her name on them- both married and maiden names. It will be three out of six taken care of, the first account was paid off by the asshat (we don’t know when), they went to court and settled on a $1,000 for the second (during the divorce), and this currently will be the third. Mom’s other debt will be with the state board of ed because of her FA loan when she went to that bullshit trade school Katherine Gibbs- she wasted her time and it was chockablock with ghetto motherfuckers (teachers and students).

I only had one fucking card and ran up a debt of $5k on account of me charging school tuition and never getting my rent loan of $9k back from the bastard to pay it off. That won’t be a very nice day in court but what choice do I have? At least I’ll be able to have a bank account again, and Mom can have a checking account again so maybe we can do our bill payments the old fashioned way instead of tiring me out running to the Pay-O-Matic every month.

Wherever you are asshole, I hope you’re having fun scavenging for food, loose change, and collecting junk while looking for a place to sleep. Because that’s the only thing you have to think about. Lucky you.


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