Childfree-dom and Smeyer

First off welcome back Shmeliarockie! I hope life finds you well, and your fans, fellow anti-Twilighters, and subscribers couldn’t wait for your latest YAB installment.

Now in response to her commentary about Smeyer’s Sue-baby- “the most unique baby in the world” according to Molly Mormon- isn’t just a reflection of Mormon culture (contemporary or historical) but of childbearing and parenthood in general until the rise of feminism and counter-culturalism in the 1960s.

Now if you recall Tprinces’ New Moan rant, Bella-Smeyer liked 50s music (examples Bill Haley and the Comets, Elvis, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Peggy Lee are icons of the 50s musical era). Then in Smeyer’s brilliant plot continuity she does a 180 and Bella-Smeyer claims not to like music at all with Eddiekins stating how crap music of the 60s and 70s were. Now disco was simply awful, but don’t even go there with The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Ramones, etc.  Attitudes that reject anything that flies in the face of Christian, all-American wholesomeness isn’t just something prevalent in Mormonism, but a typical right-wing, narrow minded response during the 60s. I would also like to note Mormons do particularly enjoy classical music and classical literature because it provides them with a mask of intellectualism when they actually abhor intellectuals (ie. fear of debunking the cult). Mormonism began in the 19th Century so their ideals and world view aren’t really stuck in the 50s- that’s generous- it is true 19th Century thinking, which is why Smeyer had her characters originate in the 19th Century or turn of the century. It ultimately provides Mormons comfort in an uncomfortable progressive world. If there’s an “interfaith” marriage the non-Mormon partner might be traditional and doesn’t mind taking up gender roles. If it’s a male he wants total control in household and if it’s a female she likes being dominated. Conversely the Mormon partner may not be religious, inactive, or doesn’t have a relationship with their Mormon family and preferred to marry outside the cult.

Onto the Sue-baby. No one could really imagine themselves as parents until reality shoots you in the face the first few minutes in the delivery room. Bella-Smeyer wasn’t too keen on having kids, I’d say pretty normal teen behavior. But being that she’s supposed to be the model of Mormon femininity (and a teen bride to boot) this is wrong. In fact, all good Christian girls should be melting into a puddle of pink sugary goo at the sight of babies. If you go to the childfree links I provide on the side for you, the message boards include personal stories of when we decided that brats weren’t in the plan. I was surprised to discover that there were others (like me) who knew as kids themselves didn’t want kids. When child bride Bella-Smeyer gets knocked up in Breaking Fail Eddiekins becomes the devil incarnate (according to Mormons the brother of Jesus Christ- I’m not joking) and presses her to get an abortion. Suddenly Bella-Smeyer gets protective of her mutant zygote that she immediately refers to as a male because in all religious societies males are the sex of preference. Bella-Smeyer also fantasized of an older brother to protect and spoil her rather than a younger brother she would have to help care/sacrifice for. Throughout Africa, Asia, India, and in the Middle East males are preferred because they continue the father’s clan/name, have higher earning power, are first (and more deserving) to be educated, and are first fed at the meal table (in North Korea during food shortage/famine rice was given to the males and the less nutritious corn was given to females). Females are just the breeder pigs, it makes no sense to educate them because they only have to cook, clean, fuck, and birth on command, women get sick more often because they have more stress and aren’t fed properly. In India abortion is looked down upon but is legal because if a woman isn’t pregnant with a male she could abort the female fetus. Traditionally girls have a marriage dowry, and the coming of age party for girls is very elaborate and expensive. Because of these things there are orphanages that consist solely of girls should the baby be kept to term and the first to be abandoned if the family is destitute. In China today the ratio between men and women is so disproportionate that Chinese gangs routinely kidnap young women and teen girls to sell as brides to mostly middle class patrons. And with their one child law (1.2 billion birthed) cultural mores and ignorance still demand the need for males.

Now in real life Smeyer has three boys, having three kids is way too many in this modern world but in the Mormon world it’s way too few. Also I’m sure she feels outnumbered by the males in her mansion and has secretly yearned to spoil, primp and have girl time with her perfect, cute little daughter. Bella gets Smeyer’s wish, the Sue-baby Renesmee. She is perfect, doesn’t have to be fed or cleaned (because blond beautiful, raped whore Rosalie will do it), you love her immediately (can do no wrong thusly not trouble her parents whilst having non-stop sex and will be worshiped), will educate herself at a collegiate level by age seven (no social interaction needed and is already at the top of her class because all normal people are losers), and has a gorgeous husband waiting for her (Jacob, Bella-Smeyer’s devilish dark-skinned second lust-object that will protect Renesmee’s virtue until she demands that he fuck her sadistically on their wedding night). Well looks like Bella-Smeyer has completed her requirements of “vampire” goddesshood in the Celestial Kingdom of Forks with her eternal family. Did I also mention that she has the most deadly superpower she will never have to use because Eddiekins and the Cullens will sweep in to protect their precious queen?

Understand back in the day when a teen girl or young unmarried woman got knocked up, abortion wasn’t an option- unless you were fantastically rich or of some importance (Judy Garland’s mother forced her daughter to have an abortion when she was impregnated by her first husband). If the family was of some means they made arrangements for their daughter to go away and visit relatives- at least that was the cover story. The girl would board with a religious or secular group that secretly worked with obstetricians that delivered illegitimate children who would then be taken by adoption agencies to be given to childless couples or couples who couldn’t have any more children. If the girl demanded an abortion the (at one time male dominated profession) obstetrician would let his religiosity or chauvinism overtake his professionalism and tell the girl that with the fullness of time she will grow to love her baby.

Yeah. And postpartum depression doesn’t exist.

Obviously Bella-Smeyer has been brainwashed by her love-hypnotizing mutant, or does Smeyer have another agenda? I’m sure whenever her three sprogs break something incredibly expensive she tells herself how much she loves her kids and truly wanted them in her life.


2 thoughts on “Childfree-dom and Smeyer

  1. You are hilarious. If this posting isn’t the perfect beginning of a novel chapter, I don’t know what is! Thanks for the laugh. Nina

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