Scene of the Twi-crime

“This world is full of flaws.” – Boogiepop (Miyashita Touka), Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh.

Like the new theme? I figured since it’s been six moths since I started this thing I might as well update the look. And I also recategorized my links (they were in such disarray) so you’ll be able to navigate them easier. Anyhow while I was out and about I thought I’d pay Jodi Viper a visit (not really, my stalking skills aren’t as good as Eddiekins’ or Smeyer’s) so I took a few pics with my DSi of Writer’s House:

Den of literary devils

The scene of the Twi-crime

Graffiti here

They're not even good enough to be called "House of Pancakes"

Run for your life Jodi Viper!

Must be a vampire address vanishing in the sunlight and all...

These pics were taken as of today (7/12/10) and I know that the DSi isn’t the best of digital cameras, take a look the last image. Notice anything interesting? That wasn’t there a few weeks ago when I last passed by, and I can only think that they put the little strip of camo over the addy because of crazed Twifucktards trying to get a peek at their LDS goddess and other idiots coming by with their bullshit expecting a multi-million dollar contract. But if you want the address for either your rotten tomatoes or manuscripts, here it is:

21 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010-1083
(212) 685-2400

And Jodi Reamer’s contact info (I can only image in number of death threats in her inbox):

Writers House
21 West 26th St.
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone: (212) 685-2400
Fax: (212) 685-1781

Response Times

responses fastest slowest average
Overall 28 38 days 238 days 61 days
Email 5 0 days 66 days 46 days
Postal Mail 20 38 days 238 days 74 days
Other/ Unspecified 3 0 days 0 days 0 days


initial follow -up overall
Offers 0 0 0
Requests 2 0 2
Rejected 24 3 24
Withdrawn 2 0 2
There are 50 submissions currently awaiting response.
Hope this helps with your submission process! And don’t forget:
Can you suck some mountain lion blood tonight...
Only Emma Hale and Joseph Smith’s love rival theirs (Fanny Alger included!)

I mean, what the crack, people? You couldn't figure this one out?

Whatever you do, DON'T look into her eyes!


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