Good grief!

So Grandma’s latest bitch was that the church ladies not-real friends of hers weren’t gushing over Aunt Sadie’s death. And that Aunt Leona hasn’t called her back once.

“She’s all for friends!”

Well no shit Sherlock, Aunt Leona is AMERICAN!

This is what really irks me about Old World foreigners. You’d think that after over 60 years of living in this country, they’d figure out that Americans place a bigger emphasis on their friends over family (unless you’re a mamma’s boy or a Mormon). Another thing is that this isn’t like 30, 40 years ago when all the church ladies got together to commiserate and gossip over the dead for weeks at a time. Their parents and elderly relatives that they may have been caring for are dead, their kids have left home, they have friends and socialize outside of their homes and go places since they have been retired.

My Grandma has no life, she can be petty (and this has caused MAJOR problems with neighbors), and enjoys being the center of attention! She treats Aunt Sadie’s death as though her daughter (my mom) died! WHAT. THE. FUCK. I shouldn’t be surprised or angry at this people. She’s always treated Mom like crap because that’s how my great-grandmother treated her. I know it’s not fair and not right. But you have to get used to it and try to look at the bright side and appreciate some of that Old World common sense that did them right.


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