O Canada, Mom finally went!

Well after three exasperating hours in the shitty-ass US Passport office on Houston St., Mom got her passport. And was put on an equally shitty American Eagle regional carrier flight to Montreal at 2:40 PM  today. She’ll be gone until next Sunday night. No, it won’t be Weekend At Bernie’s around here, li’l bro and I are pretty responsible and no people will be visiting. Except his partner Dekablue25 to film their RangerReview shows sometime next week (I think they’re doing some shit with the Titanus Zord toy).

Well for me this whole shit was a learning experience upon my application for a passport. I have to remember that my valid non-driver’s license has to be 1 year or more old to qualify and to photo copy every piece of ID including high school yearbook photo, voter’s registration card, birth certificate, library card, and Mom will more than likely fill out an SD-71, witness affidavit assuring who I am- just like I did for her. The second time. I did the SD-71 at home with all my IDs photo copied and at the ready the first time around after we meticulously reviewed the State Department’s site for the passport app process before we went to the county clerk’s office. And the real reason why she got it was because she dropped $900 for an airline ticket. The first thing the security guards ask you while they’re wanding you down is, “What time does your flight leave?” The airline industry lobbyists have fixed it so that Americans can’t get their passports without tossing some cash their way. As if it’s any safer to fly today than it was before 9/11.

Wicked Sensitive Crew – Dropkick Murphys


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