Why have grandbabies when you still are one?

So Mom’s coming home tomorrow night from Montreal. I would normally be happy about her homecoming if we were just at the front gate looking for her cab at the ready with hugs and kisses. But grandma and me are going out to JFK to meet this woman who (at 56) whines to her mommy that she’s scared to land at 9:25 PM and have nobody there watching for her. WHAAH!


Did I scream at you too softly at that ghetto shit-ass passport office in front of all those foreigners?! HUH?!

And then grandma screams as to why we’re fucked up… and how she will be forced to pay our $47k credit debts off.  I don’t want to hear these weak-willed motherfuckers any more! Just hand over your tax returns to fill out our fucking financial aid forms so we can finish school and leave us be! And the old bag looks devastated when I tell her that I’ll be leaving NYC to get a job. You can’t tell an impoverished family (that made TONS of fuck-ups to get that way- and I’d been telling Moo and Duhddy this from age 15 because all my friends came from the ghetto and kicked my ass in order for ME to wake up and see what was REALLY going on) to go away (in order for grandma to look like the victim and get sympathy and attention from old bitches who aren’t really her friends when in reality she’s being smeared with shit too) and nail the front door shut when we get a chance at a real future.

I’m a heartless bitch who will run up grandma’s credit card and call these idiots all the names I want until I’ve driven them away into independence! I hope I get my membership Natalie P.

P.S. I was on the phone with Ma for a half hour yesterday and she thinks she could be slick as to take my fat ass by surprise with this shit by not telling me and going through grandma. It’ll cost her- and it already has. Fuck you both.


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