Jeepers! Creepers! I had to do something about my goddamn peepers!

Well my Too Faced eye makeup came in today and so far I’m digging it.

It has also taught me three important things:

1) I have to get in A FUCKLOAD of practice with eyeliner.

2) I have, unfortunately, discovered I’m one of those raccoon-eyed girls. No I’m not talking about dark under eye circles (that’s genetic and I have that as well), but I cannot wear eyeliner on my lower lid because instead of getting that Brigitte Bardot look, I look like Courtney Love… after her 17th speedball.

3) I should’ve made friends with the color green instead of running from it years ago. But I have to tone down the Lucky Charms with the Chocolate Brown for the office (but the Iced Sage really rocks no matter where you are).

I have to admit that Shadow Insurance shit actually works. I can brush on the glaze quite easily, and the brush is super soft. So that’s a bonus I guess. I also need to look into getting an eyelash comb, because Mom was right when she said no matter what the brand or what those assed-out commercials claim, mascara clumps like a motherfucker! So I’m picking that up tomorrow in K-Mart when I get the new kitchen trash can.

Oh yeah, I’m just 155 pages from the end of this hidden literary gem Hong Kong On Air by Muhammad Cohen (and yes, that is possible). It was published in 2007 by Blacksmith Books, an HK-based publishing house that releases 10-12 titles a year focusing on non-fictional Asian themes. I’m going to review this and also try to contact Cohen and get a little insight as to why Blacksmith took a big risk on publishing a fictional tale of 454 pages by a first time novelist (who is a professional print and TV journalist).


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