A little something on white guilt

Last night at the Pay-O-Matic I saw ABC Nightly News broadcast their weekly social awareness blurb starring a Sesame Street producer. He and his wife adopted an Ethiopian baby and now that she’s in pre-k, she’s been complaining as to why she doesn’t have Barbie hair like all her friends and dolls. A pair of New York socialites put their adopted black child in one of those Woody Allen recommendation and principal bribe required Montessori leadership schools (with the optional vegan organic lunch menu) that are inhabited by little rich white brats. Do you think that the Upper East Side is the epicenter of black empowerment?

The asshat has a look of complete doofus-like bewilderment. So he hires the kid who played Nala in The Lion King Musical, wrote a song, and directed the following:

And here cures all racism and self-hate.

He obviously has never seen this:

And he’s obviously never visited a ghetto beauty supply store chockablock with skin whiteners, wigs, weaves, and relaxers.

Look people, this goes deeper that what’s attractive, what’s ugly, black, white, dark-skinned, light-skinned, plaçage, and euphemisms for skin color. Nappy hair, Afro, relaxed, braids, dreads, or a wig- you do what’s good for you. You do what you want. Especially if you’re American- fuck them all! Ignorance and stupidity will never die out regardless who or what you are. I personally think that all hair care is just a pain in the fucking ass- especially if you’re a woman! But if you’re observant you’ll see white people walking around with dreads, braids, extensions, cornrows, and the occasional Afro. So if you’re trying to look like you’re supporting your black brothers and sisters and buck the corporate system (that you’ll soon be chomping at the bit to get into to buy your toys and pay off your college debts), let me tell you something Ephus: you’re not trendy, you look retarded, so why don’t you take a lesson and be real. Be corny! Be lame! And be proud of being just another white person!


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