Cordoba House, old hat

I was at my friend’s house on 9/11, and she lives within walking distance from the Brooklyn Bridge, so we ran up to the roof with her mom and her boyfriend (at the time) and got a nice view of a giant wafting black cloud. The news had been blasting from the time the shit hit the fan until two days later. I mentally ran through every terrorist group/nation that I could think of, and ironically, the Taliban was my last one (in tenth grade I did a paper on them focusing on the lack of human rights/women’s rights in Afghanistan). I visited the WTC site on 9/29, and as I was walking over the hundredth makeshift bridge single-file I was pretty sure the last time I visited lower Manhattan was early 2001. You couldn’t recognize it. Century 21 was fucked, I mean floors of the store were shut down because the collapsing of the towers just blew in all the windows.  Side streets were cordoned off because of debris and damage, and you only could get to the police station before you hit the police barriers and chain link fence. And hovering everywhere in the air was a sweet burnt rubbery stench. In high school I read as many books on the Holocaust as I could, and from many concentration camp survivors accounts that same stench was wherever the Nazis were exterminating people. It was burnt flesh. Our asshat pres got the war he wanted so badly and once as I was walking to the train station (and I think it was that October) there was this guy who looked my age decked out in camo gear, full pack and was carrying an assault weapon. I stopped, shook his hand, and told him good luck. I fucking wanted to cry because I knew it was going to be Vietnam 2.0. And it has.

And like Vietnam both political parties went on the bullet/oil bandwagon and have gotten nowhere. As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s been fucked, I feel no safer than I did before 9/11, and the wonderful puppet regimes setup in Iraq and Afghanistan will further destabilize them before we cut and run (just like in Cambodia) and we could end up with places worse than Iran. So now we’re shitting ourselves over the Cordoba House and the bullshit in France with the hajib. First off, ALL religion is crap! I’ve read the hadiths and I’m well aware at how much women are respected in the Middle East regardless of how much she’s covered. If the fucking Vatican could get women to do this, they would. As long as it didn’t mean losing millions in the process- gotta pay off all those child molestation victims y’know! Salt Lake City’s a great place for a woman. As long as she has long-term prescriptions for Seroquel and Prozac. And I love Williamsburg. How stylishly the Black Hat girls shuffle by in their floor-length dresses and clownish wigs (if they’re married that is).

So not only is this plan political suicide, it’s so fucking obvious at what they’re really trying to do that they might as well parade Biden around Wilmington in a suit made of Saran Wrap! People, if you want oil and hope that the rich Arabs (Saudis) will stay in the west to make the Blue Chip companies more money, just come out and goddamn say so. I’m just a New Yorker who is sick and tired of seeing the same goddamn hypocrisy, shaking hands with a sheik as you hold knives at each other’s back.

I’m just saying.


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