Final Fantasy XIII jewelry review

Hey y’all, I live!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And with good reason. First I’m getting over a cold, and Mom’s nursing a slight lung infection (the same I had in July) and won’t be going to work on Monday (getting docked another $100 ’cause she’s still temping). Secondly we just finished overdue renovations- $60k worth! My bitch grandmother- the attention-addicted hoarder- finally gave us new Andersen windows, a rubberized roof, replaced all the locks and doorknobs, hinges, a proper roof hatch with built-in ladder (a $3,500 fine from the fire department if you don’t have one), repainted the the whole apartment (my room is red!), and put in insulation everywhere! Even though we get no heat, the drafts are gone!

But our personal war with her isn’t done! Because of my father’s $100k debt, our lives are at a current standstill. Now Mom only has to fork over $47k of that since she divorced him- and the good news is that my great-aunt left us $50k ($15k of which has already been taken by the creditors) and my debt has accrued $2k in interest bringing it up to $8100. I contacted the the lawyer and I told him that I’d pay in full when the estate is re-tallied up at the beginning of the new year. But we still need to get money from grandma to pay the rest of the debts and for a lawyer so we can get to reclamation court. Dad hid $50k worth of worker’s comp from us so we need that as start-up money (you know- health insurance, transportation money, and mutual funds).

So I got Xmas shopping done a bit early since we have use of grandmama’s credit card now that we’re replacing our broken furniture and PC’s that are dying/dead. We all know what a fucking hot, linear mess that Final Fantasy XIII is (I’ve got my PS3 now and have FF Versus XIII on pre-order) but I’m a sucker for merchandise. And, as you know, for shit that shines.

I give you my FF XIII jewelry review!

While I’m not insane, I dropped roughly $500 bucks to buy the Snow Villiers and Serah Farron chains off the Square Enix merch site, and am pleased to announce that they are pretty damn snazzy (NOTE: the following pics were taken on my DSi so don’t expect perfection).

Let us start with the unboxing, shall we?

Property of: Manly Spice

Wonderful how these loanwords work, I was expecting something like "enugageepen".

Nice little keepsake boxes, but I thought the packing box it came in stuffed like shit with packing peanuts was a bit big.

Too bad it doesn't say Shin Ra Company because that's what SE seems like these days.

Both faux leather boxes are the same so I only bothered with one pic. Now if you don’t have a whole lot of room in your dresser, or where ever the fuck you hide your valuables, just wrap the chains up in tissue paper and put them in your jewelry box because these boxes are big. And I mean designer hip-hop bling-bling watch box big!

Yes! I know the ring is on the wrong way!

Yes! I know the ring isn't there!

Now that looks about right.

THE RING... isn't that all we girls are about?

In a world without quality, certificates of authenicity will have to do.

Now let’s start with specs: Serah’s chain is made of .925 sterling silver (so no green skin or rashes from nickel) and cubic zirconias. It is conveniently the FF XIII game logo; the cracked orb represents Serah’s and Snow’s homeworld Cocoon, and the crystal center symbolizes the crystallized l’Cie rebirthing the new world (yes these are spoilers, but if you’ve ever heard of You Tube that sort of nullifies shit). The pendant from CZ encrusted bail to tip is about 3″ inches, and the orb’s width is a 1/2″ inch. The chain is a 19″ inch 1mm Cuban link style, and the ring that you could wear separately is roughly a 5 1/2 (it’s a tad snug on my pinky). This jingles like a Xmas ornament and will get a lot of compliments whether you’re cosplaying or at the laundromat. It’s not too heavy so there’s no neck strain, and the chain isn’t so long that it’s annoying (and I prefer shorter chains).

No, I don't normally dress up my lamps.

And I thought only Freddie Mercury had a cat fetish!

With Snow what you see is what you get.

Since Serah and Snow are the sweethearts of this FF installment, I just had to have them both. Like Serah’s, Snow’s chain is also made of .925 silver and CZs. The pendant from bail to tip is 1 1/2″ inches, the chain is a 20″ inch 3mm oval link style. At the front of the bail is a snowflake flanked by four crystals, a larger blue crystal on the left and two smaller white crystals with one black crystal on the right. Because Snow leads the anti-fal’Cie resistance group NORA (No Obligations, Rules or Authority in NA and EU) a cat was chosen as its emblem in Japan for nora neko translating to “stray cat”. Since I’m a Brooklyn girl I have to represent my sports teams and I wear my extra large team pendants on my thick chains, and Snow’s pendant is a lot like them. It’s a guy’s chain, but if you’re a Snow fangirl it’s right up your alley as well. Too bad SE didn’t come up with the star chain attachment if you’re really going for an exact look.