Oh the wrath of the Twitard… can you see me laughing?

Well a few minutes ago I really wasted my time putting a Twifucktard by the name of Songsmirth (who I blocked) in her place. I don’t check my You Tube inbox for messages (but admit I was bored) and I got a couple, one from her and another Twifucktard. I don’t remember the screen name of the other (and she’s not important anyhow) because she just responded to a comment I made on an anti-Twifuck video stating she hated me. *SHRUGS* BUT I just couldn’t help it with Songsmirth.

This dumb bitch said she felt sorry for me being an angry person who likes to troll Twifuck videos and bash them. In her response to my comment she lashes out at me for my sarcastic attitude, and tries to dump all over me screaming at me demanding to know what great thing I accomplished so I could compete with Smeyer. If Songsmirth came to this blog (it’s listed on YT) I pretty much lay out the LITTLE I have accomplished, make fun of myself, my friends, my world, bitch, yell, scream, and critique (to my little black heart’s content) the idiocy of today’s pop culture (Lady Goo-Goo-Gaga is number two on my hit list BTW).

If you (Songsmirth and other Twifucktards who troll) are going to have an apoplectic fit over my sarcasm, I really don’t give a shit. I’ve been this way for 20 years (LITERALLY) and when my mom tried to rein me in, I told her I didn’t give a shit. The only reason why she backed off was because she knew she was making bad choices (regarding dad and not listening to us). And if you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic from the little page description up in the corner, then I don’t know what your problem is. I know these weapons are typical in the Twifucktard’s arsenal, but these obsessive-compulsive fanidiots can be disturbing… and they do get personal. The best defense is logic, and I have gotten loud with logic with regards to the Twifucktard on DA who tried to suggest that we antis are actually fans.

Now here’s another little (embarrassing) fact about yours truly: MTV’s Daria ran from ’97 to ’02. I didn’t get cable until the fall of ’02, but I didn’t see Daria until the VHS releases in 2000. This didn’t stop my friends in high school from nicknaming me “Daria” and I had no fucking clue (at the time) what they were talking about. I am a natural brunette who likes to wear her hair long and loose, I wear glasses (and at the time had these round black glasses), my GPA was 3.8 to 4.0 (told you I was a geek- but managed to get C’s in math and dropped physics altogether), and I was anywhere from sardonic to irreverent at any point of the day. I really was Daria without Tracy Grandstaff in the room.

Oh yeah before I close out, Tprinces is having a bit of a problem. It seems that this Twifucktard CONJOPI (or James Triston) flagged her review video “Twilight = Epic Fail” and YT took it down. He bragged openly saying he had it removed because he thought she was “unfunny and unoriginal”, and within her rights Tprinces raised hell. Unfortunately she can’t find the file to put it back up, so if anybody DLed it send a copy to her please. I consider it one of the best anti-Twifuck reviews, and it got a fuckload of hits. And check out the latest from WriterfromNowhere, apparently Smeyer has well and truly gone off the deep end… as if it couldn’t get any worse.

And one more thing, I wouldn’t compete with Smeyer if you paid off my family’s debt, gave me a million bucks with a title to a house on HK’s Peak, a full ride to HK University, and a job waiting for me at the New York Times Asia desk. I just enjoy breaking on her with my fellow antis, Twifucktards need not loiter here.

And don’t forget:

Yes I always wanted a man who wanted to keep me from my friends and family

Save me from my paper cut Eddiekins!

Even if he didn't smell, or do the damn sequels I'd still like to see him dead

What is “emo”?

What is “emo”? Everybody does have a different explanation for it. Some people define it as either an offshoot of goth/punk music, fashion, attitude, and/or mental illness. Blowshimselfupdude makes an incredibly intelligent point about emo that I agree with: emo isn’t anything.

When people think emo it’s usually the stereotype of those who dress in the punk or goth style, supposedly suicidal and into self-mutilation ragging on everything going deaf on Marylin Manson, Disturbed, and MCR.

Before I start my rant, I’m going to give my definition of “emo”: an asshole (of any ethnicity, class, either gender) who gets overly (violently) defensive over the most trivial things (stupid shit). My targets for the last four, five years have been Uchiha Sasuke (I know he’s fictional but it’s fun) and Twifucktards (targets for abusive relationships- not cool). Usually my emos are preppies who shop at Hot Topic, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, and The Gap and listen to any pop bullshit MTV/VH1/Disney instructs them to.

If you insist on subscribing to the stereotype, there’s a book you should really read so you can educate yourself on the origins of emo. It’s Please Kill Me: The Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil. Unlike Smeyer who name drops and lies, I am a fan of genuine punk/rock music: The Ramones, The New York Dolls, Johnny and the Heartbreakers, Joan Jett (Runaways and Black Hearts), Iggy Pop, The Dead Boys, The Clash (first 3 albums), Blondie (the first 3 albums- I should really say 2), and, of course, The Sex Pistols. Back in the 70s this country had been going down the toilet, and New York City suffered a lot. Crime was rampant, unemployment, high inflation, and drugs were more prevalent than rats. I have seen footage and pictures of places that I hang out at in the city that I literally can’t recognize. Mom said that NYC was an empty dump back in the day.

The white flight to the suburbs of Long Island, Staten Island, upstate, Connecticut, and Jersey really depressed the city. There was literally nowhere to hang out save for Studio 54 and other disco shit, but if that wasn’t your scene, you were fucked. Then in ’73 Hilly Kristal opened up the famed CBGB’s and since he couldn’t get country acts to play (as was his original intent) he opened up for different venues which started the punk movement. Bands weren’t the only ones have the stage it was Patti Smith, William Burroughs, (actor/playwright) Sam Sheppard, and Tom Waits who did poetry readings and variations of music and theatrics.

So if you want to get into self-mutilation as a gimmick, you better look to the frontman of The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators. That crazed junkie did everything you can imagine on that stage. Iggy Pop as well, his big thing was peanut butter and chopped meat. In Dee Dee Ramone’s first book he wrote that the first time he saw Iggy Pop was at Cafe Wha? (still open) and he described the dopesick Iggy storming out onstage in just a pair of red briefs with long silver opera-length gloves pissed over the fact that he couldn’t pop a vein to get well. So then he did a number which was his band playing and him shouting “Hit it!” for 15 minutes. Then he dumped silver paint and glitter all over himself, vomited and rolled around in it. And then he told everybody to fuck off and left.

And that, my friends, is the true emo.

Now I’m not defending the bands I mentioned at the beginning of the rant because I only like 2 or 3 songs in their catalogs- if that! But I won’t classify goth, pop-punk, and metal bands as emo. Therefore, emo really doesn’t exist (anymore at least).

Goong (manwha) and Nuttymadam3575

Oh dear God, I never thought I’d go there but after I’d seen this bloody wonderful tidbit, I couldn’t help myself. This post will be a rant n’ review. First the rant:

Nuttymadam3575, how’s the diet going? I saw those high-caloric biscuits you were stuffing your bloated face with when you reviewed New Moan after five screenings. And darling, bleaching your hair and getting some make-up tips won’t make you look 250 pounds thinner. Oh yeah, nice magenta muumuu (however the cranberry Margarita looked pretty good)!

Like the nice dose of bullying I just gave you? Just like you give everybody else who shares their opinion on how much Twifuck sucks! I’m glad there are people like NaliniMarcasite, laurariddle292, and YomikitsuneO who can completely fuck you up and tear you down in civilized ways. The one to talk about being bullied over her fat ass! You’re not the only one Nutty (an appropriate screen name for you Emma Clark) who’s gotten hassled in school! So was I for my weight, the fact that I was smart, and had a Hispanic dad. But you know something, I’d rather throw myself off the goddamn Brooklyn Bridge before I’d do that to someone else! The worst kind of bully is the one who’d been bullied- as in YOU! And you know why it’s that bad? Because you didn’t learn a goddamn thing from it!

I’m going to let you in on something, when I was in high school (that’s secondary for all you across the pond) I stood out. I was voted as the drama queen when I graduated (not easy having a mentally ill dad). While everyone was sucking the dicks of the Spice Turds and Whackstreet Boys, I fangirled Bryan Adams, The Beatles, and Kiss, amongst others. I am rock snob (see previous post). You know why I fangirled like a maniac? Because I’m fat. Not as fat as you, mind you. And not as fat as I used to be. I look and feel a lot better. And I don’t need to fangirl like that any more. Know why? I have a life with friends, and we like hanging out and interacting. When you’re fat as you are, that’s impossible. So what do you do? You immerse yourself in fantasy and use it as your main defense mechanism. For you it’s Twifuck, literary abominations. But I can see why you’d like Eddiekins. You don’t understand that he’s an abusive control freak- you don’t have the experience. And it’s tragic that bints like you will be the first on a bastard’s hitlist because of your weight. With that said, I wish you luck in your weight loss endeavors, and pray to the universe you don’t lose your hog feet to diabetes type II.

And now the review:

I’ve just finished Goong (The Royal Place) vol. 8 so I’m officially up to date. Park so-hee has definitely carved her niche in the Korean invasion, unfortunately I find problems and wins with the series. The story is compelling (I saw Princess Hours, the live action of this series as well), but I found not a single character sympathetic. Now having loved all things Asian for the last 11 years, I know that Asian psychology is rooted in Confucianism. Etiquette, protocol, discipline, introversion, and isolation really compartmentalizes everything in the East. If our Crown Princess Chae-Gyeong has shown any maturation, it’s because the royal family thinks of her as a novelty. My suspicions are that the Queen Mother (perverted Old Lady) once was like this- this is a trick often used in anime/manga/manwha. Crown Prince Shin is a sadist, calling Chae-Gyeong stupid one minute and refusing to let her out of his sight the next.

What are redeemable about these two? Nothing, as far as I could tell. Unlike Hana Yori Dango, where the broken-spirited bully Doumyouji attacked Tsukushi because she was tough (and like his Onee-san Tsubaki), Tsukushi wouldn’t stand for his reticence. If she wanted an answer from him, she got it- in the most psychotic way- but they were able to build upon that. And now in HYD: Jewelry Box they’ve gotten engaged.

Now I might be too hasty, after all there’s 18 volumes. But I really don’t expect much having gotten halfway through. Nevertheless I’m sticking with it; the art is gorgeous, I enjoy the Korean cultural lessons, and the tongue-in-cheek humor is cute. Oh yeah the manwha of Twifuck will be out in a few weeks, and I’m going to check it out- can’t tithe enough can you SMeyer, you whore? The art looks okay at least (Yen Press is a subsidiary of Little, Brown, and Co.).